Sunday, 24 March 2013

A friend’s appeal to Britain and United States

by David Obama

I would like to highlight here that the son of the first President of Burma Sao Shwe Thaike, Harn Yaung Wai, established The Euro-Burma Office (EBO) in Brussels to sell Burma for money. He is one of the most responsible persons bringing alien Rohingya Bengali into Burma crisis. He had pledged to his Arab funders that if he cannot do Rohingya to belong to the Burma indigenous races, then he won’t live anymore and commit suicide.”

Burma’s first Prime Minister U Nu, who used the disputed term ‘Rohingya,’ in return for a few votes for his cling into power betrayed Burma creating long-time unresolved problems. It was only when 88-Generation Students Leaders take leading role, driven aliens Rohingya fake histories lies with their brave leadership and nationalist stand, that so-called Bengali Rohingya are exposed of with their barbaric cruelties, Islamic extremism and radical terrorism.

In Europe, the son of the first President Sao Shwe Thaike, Harn Yaung Wai, is promoting Rohingya Bengali terrorists as if part of Burma crisis by using his DVB news media as a propaganda tool in addition to appointing a story writer named Francis Wade for doing media propaganda for so-called Rohingya Bengali.

In United States, Aung Din and his group US Campaign for Burma (USCB) are selling Burma for money and betraying Arakan by portraying Arakan as the villains and so-called Rohingya Bengali as the victims but in reality it is other way round.

In UK, Mark Farmaner of Burma Campaign UK and his second wife Zoya Phan are fiercely promoting so-called Rohingya Bengali for money while their boyfriend, Benedict Rogers of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, is mimicking whatever Burma Campaign UK is telling lies and self-praise no-grace Maung Zar Ni is promoting so-called Rohingya as if they are his son-in-laws.

In Thai-Burma border, Soe Aung and Naing Aung of the Forum for Democracy in Burma (FDB) are supporting Bengali Rohingya after receiving funding under the name of human rights and equality.

In ASEAN, Soe Aung’s wife, Debbie Stothard, a Malaysian Chinese who knows nothing about Burma is blindly shouting for Rohingya by representing a group called ALSEAN comprising of her and Arrr herself. Their boss is Mark Farmaner of Burma Campaign UK (BCUK) and BCUK boss on Rohingya issue is Chris Lewa of Arakan Project. You can see clearly that this is coordinated and planned plot to colonise and Islamise Burma.

In reality, the BOSS of all Rohingya campaigners is Chris Lewa, the Director at the Arakan Project who has been lobbying for so-called Rohingya for decades. Even though Chris Lewa is seeking funding with the Arakan Project but that person has never ever been working for Arakan people but been working for Rohingya people under the name Arakan Project. This is depressing, isn’t it?

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